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In this series for Disney's Tarzan, I created several different movie posters as well as multiple DVD/CD sleeves & booklet inserts, promo ads and DVD covers. Although much of the original artwork was submitted to me, I did create the templates, text treaments and design layouts including the QC of all of the pre-flighting, revisions and press checks.

For the billboards below, I composited and layered images seemlessly together, integrated the finished artwork with my own text treatments, and produced unique layouts for each individual sign. They were finalized in both a standard size and extra large (20 x 60') format.

With this collection  of Tim Burtons films, I created multiple movie posters, game card packages and promos, many of which were used for film marketing campaigns. I designed the comps, layouts, templates and text treatments  and personally  QC'd all of the pre-flighting and press checks.

I created all of the following posters by compositing supplied images, designing unique text treatments and illustrating additional images where necessary.

Scooby Doo Poster1_.jpg
Scooby Doo Poster2_.jpg
IIWP Movie Poster_v09-Design.jpg
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