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LUNA:  Championing Woman:

I worked closely with the creative team at LUNA to develop a bold tone and style for these videos that profile powerful women who are pursuing their own unique adventures.

I produced this piece for GracefulFilms.

Roblox:  Super Bomb Survival:

I designed the promotion materials for this game that which are also now available on XBox.

AC Productions: VIPME:

While working with AC Productions, I co-wrote and produced this branding narrative for an e-commerce company in China called VIPME. The video is comprised of seven short stories that highlight a select group of individuals who break the oppressive labels given to them by society. One of the best parts about this job was getting to know & work with the incredible marketing team in China. 

Roblox: 4th Annual Bloxy Awards Show:

This is a popular annual awards show presented by Roblox. I created all the graphics, backgrounds and special effects for the hour long show. In addition, I also worked on the live streaming video on Twitch and Youtube which airs daily. 

Kaiser Permanente: The Threatening Patient:


This is the third video in a video series made for Kaiser Permanente. It is a comedy which portrays various unhappy patients talking with their physicians.

Roblox: XBOX Digital Advertisement


One of many ads that I worked on for advertisments posted on sites such as Amazon and Microsoft.

One of Five GIF's Created for Roblox.

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