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UI/Web Designs

With this User Experience design, I started by sketching out rough ideas, flows, and notes.  I then took those ideas and worked with UX designers to explore layouts and UI flows. The the goal was to test assumptions and ideas in a low-cost, easy-to-throw-away format that didn't waste the valuable time of developers and engineers. With this particular project, I was responsible not only for the UI flow and layout, but for the aesthetic graphic design and even the scripted functionality. Here is two examples of  those UI designs that were used in the final finished mobile device. 

Created for: Paladin Creative

Blockbuster Game2a.jpg
Blockbuster Game5a.jpg
Blockbuster Game4a.jpg

I worked very closely with the engineers to create the exact look and feel for this new free game which was released in late 2018. There was a total of 346 separate elements, 12 different full screen backgrounds and 21 branding icons designed specifically for this game.

Created for: KVN Games

IpadProGame Display.png

After wire framing all the rough designs for this game, I then created all the necessary AI and PNG files.

Created for: HAI Media

For this software mobile developer, I initially whiteboxed the UI and focused on building and testing layouts and flows that worked. After crafting the final aesthetic design of the UI, I then worked with the UX team to establish the best-streamlined user experience visuals for multiple devices including; iPhone, iPad, Android, Surface and MAC & PC desktop platforms . I used a paper prototyping method that helped work out complex issues and allowed me to communicate the desired user experience effectively to team members across different disciplines.

Created for: Bright Ideas LLC

 After the initial steps of imagining and identifying the intended mobile or desktop app with the developers, I began the crucial role of creating the  UI designs for all the characters, backgrounds, pop-up screens and text windows. I also pay close attention to the impact on the mind of the user while ensuring usability of an app. 

Created for: AC Productions

After building the GracefulFilms website, I then created the UI designs and layout for the mobile devices. I also designed ads to be used for B2B commerce and print collateral.

Created for GracefulFILMS

For Belle Fleurs, I designed everything from the ground up.  It has a total of over 60 unique pages and hundreds of links.

Created for Belle Fleurs

Here are examples from the video game "Black Thunder ".

I created over 80 backgrounds, 12 characters and scores of icons and other miscellaneous  designs for the game.

Created for Ganymede EA

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